Wednesday, 4 August 2010


This screen adaptation of Brendan Behan's celebrated play, The Quare Fellow (produced by Birtish Lion films), was TP's second association with the work and a piece well known to him in more ways than one.

Although originally rejected by the Abbey in 1954 they subsequently produced the piece when it had proved highly popular in 1956. In that production TP played the part of the Embezzler and in their 1960 revival he would play two further roles, Warder O'Donnell and the Other Fellow.

For the film he was cast as as the inmate Walsh.

Trivia: The Quare Fellow was filmed in the landmark Kilmainham Gaol.  It is most famous for being the prison where the leaders of the 1916 uprising were incarcerrated and subsequently executed.  It has been a location for many feature films including The Italian Job, The Mackintosh Man, The Face of Fu Manchu, In The Name of the Father and Michael Collins.

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