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The following images are from the RTE stills library featuring TP in a number of dramas produced by the Irish broadcaster in the 1960s.  Regrettably, at this time we do not have permission to show these pictures without the prominent watermark.

'An Claoimh Solais'

Scenes from the Abbey Christmas pantomime 'An Claoimh Solais', an hour-long version of which was broadcast by RTE on 13 January 1963. From left to right, Seamus McCaffrey as the Robot, Aine Ni Choscair as Una Bhan, an bhanphrionnsa (the princess), TP McKenna as Orla, an prionnsa (the prince) and an unidentified actor/actress dressed as a witch. Peter Collinson produced this television version of the pantomime which was in Irish.

Photography: Roy Bedell/RTE

'Heart to Heart'

Irish actors TP McKenna as Frank Godsell and Ann Saker as Jessie Weston, on the set of the RTÉ production of the Terence Rattigan television play 'Heart to Heart' in 1962. This play was set in a television station.  This play was broadcast by Telefís Éireann on 9 December 1962.

Photography: Roy Bedell/RTE

British actress Joanna Dunham and Irish actor TP McKenna, in a scene from RTE televison's adaptation of the Eugene McCabe play 'Breakdown', during studio filming in late 1966. This is a head and shoulders of both; McKenna is standing behind Dunham. The pair played a married couple, Ned and Sarah Holloway in this adaptation.  'Breakdown' had been performed at the 1965 Dublin Theatre Festival.

Photography: Roy Bedell/RTE

'The Fire Raisers'

A scene from the RTÉ Television production of 'The Fire Raisers', during filming in Studio 1 in early 1968. From left to right; Patrick Bedford as Eisenring, TP McKenna as Schmitz and Godfrey Quigley as Gottlieb Biederman.

The production of this Max Frisch play was televised by RTÉ on 22 February 1968, with Jim FitzGerald producing.

'The Wild Duck'

A scene from the RTÉ Television production of Henrik Ibsen's play 'The Wild Duck', during filming in Studio 1 in 1968. This production of 'The Wild Duck' was broadcast by RTÉ on 7 March 1968. It was translated from the Norwegian by Michael Meyer and adapted for television by Norman Smythe.

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